Running Biomechanics Consultant

D.S. Blaise Williams, Ph.D., MPT

Dr. Williams is the Director of the VCU RUN LAB in the Department of Physical Therapy at Virginia Commonwealth University. Dr. Williamsalso holds affiliate academic positions in the Department of Kinesiology and Health Sciences at VCU and the Department of Physical Therapy at East Carolina University.

Dr. Williams has spent the last 15 years studying human movement in various populations. Dr. Williams has studied and presented on gait patterns if runners, walking, jumping and standing in obese adolescents, landing in female college basketball players, ankle movement in individuals with diabetes, balance and coordination in surfers, injury mechanics in dancers, hip movement and strength in National Hockey League players and many more. His current research projects include: enhancing running mechanics as it relates to injury and performance across the lifespan and understanding regularity of human movement in runners and individuals who have experienced a TBI.  Dr. Williams is the current chair of the Running Special Interest Group of the Sports Section of the APTA.

Clinically, Dr. Williams has worked with athletes at all skill levels. Dr. Williams specializes in video and three-dimensional gait analyses as they relate to the evaluation and treatment of injuries.

Softball Pitching Consultant

Sherry Werner, Ph.D

Sherry Werner, PhD is currently a biomechanics consultant with Ben Hogan Sports Medicine, TMI Sports Medicine and Tulane Institute of Sports Medicine and a pitching instructor at the Sherry Werner Fastpitch Academy. She received a MS degree in Biomechanics from Indiana University in 1989 and a PhD in Biomechanics from The Pennsylvania State University in 1996. She was selected to the COSIDA Academic All-American Softball Team in 1986 while earning a bachelors degree from Slippery Rock University.

Dr. Werner’s research has focused on the effects of throwing motions at the shoulder, elbow and wrist. Sherry released an instructional pitching DVD with Jennie Finch in 2011 and another in 2013. Sherry’s approach, which focuses on maximizing performance while avoiding injury, is based on twenty-five years of biomechanical study and sports medicine experience with pitchers at all levels, from professional and Olympic athletes to high school and recreational players. Her instructional techniques include high-speed, frame-by-frame analysis of an athlete’s pitching motion. She also teaches pitching clinics and camps, provides coaches’ education, and offers sport-specific strength, speed and agility training.

An adjunct professor at the University of Texas-Arlington, Sherry has held faculty appointments at Louisiana State University and Tulane University. She has served as a consultant for the U.S. Olympic Committee, the International Olympic Committee, NFL Charities, the Steadman-Hawkins Sports Medicine Foundation in Vail, CO, and the American Sports Medicine Institute in Birmingham, AL.


Hanqi Zhu, MS

Hanqi Zhu is a Master of Statistics and Master of Economics at North Carolina State University. He also holds dual bachelor degrees in Finance and Agriculture from Zhejiang University in China, where he worked as Vice President of University Student Union part-time. Before coming to US, he worked for CITIC securities as an intern investment research analyst.

Mr. Zhu ‘s current research interest is Stochastic Process, Bayes, Mathematical Statistics and Bio-statistics.  He works with the team in following aspects: experimental data management, statistical analysis based on experimental result, report writing and general statistical consulting / suggestions.