Baseball Hitting 3D Motion Capture Analysis

3D Biomechanical Hitting Analysis

Along with pitching, and running analyses, BYoung Physical Therapy offers Hitting analyses. Dr. Nate Thompson is the primary hitting biomechanics specialist and will conduct your 3D hitting analysis. He has worked with baseball players from youth to the professional level, to help them return to competition following injury.

At this time, to our knowledge, we are the only people in the world to offer a 3D motion-capture hitting analysis to improve swing efficiency and exit velocity.


Who is this for?

    • Hitters who have plateaued with other means of hitting instruction and want to maximize their mechanics to create more power.
    • Coaches who would like the data to either support their current approach or find the next focus area for an individual hitter. 
Why do a 3D Hitting Analysis?

Typical hitting evaluations occur in 2 dimensions with high speed cameras or slow-motion video. Our 3D analysis takes your swing and turns it into numbers and sequences that our eyes cannot possibly see. 

    • The numbers: 
      • You will get exact measurements of pelvic, trunk, arm, hand, and bat angular velocities, as well as, lower extremity forces.
      • Swing plane, attack angle, and hip-shoulder separation, exit velocity, and estimated max hitting distance, among others, are variables included in the analysis.
    • Kinematic sequence: 
      • Your legs initiate potential energy that will be translated through your hips, trunk, arms, hands, and eventually to the bat and into the ball. The exact timing of these events in the sequence can be quantified and visualized in the 3D report.
      • Ideally, you want max bat speed to occur at the moment of ball contact. This vital piece of information can be captured during your 3D analysis.

After the data is analyzed, swing efficiency will be determined to observe leaks in hitting power. Once potential leaks are observed, an individualized plan will be implemented by our hitting biomechanics specialists. You also have the option to simply receive a detailed report for you and your coach to further improve your hitting.

Contact Us:

If you would like to schedule a 3D hitting analysis, please email Dr. Nate Thompson at or call our office at 919-372-8412.