Custom Orthotics

B Young Physical Therapy offers custom orthotics

We always try to treat the dysfunction prior to recommending orthotics as you can easily become dependent on orthotics to do the job that your body may be capable of doing.

Brandon has 10 years of experience making custom orthotics.

During your visit, we will take a cast of both of your feet, evaluate the way you walk and stand, and determine what type of orthotic needs you have.  Once your orthotics are made, we will go through the fitting process with you to make sure orthotics fit correctly. We will also go through the breaking in process with you, as is available below:


Breaking in your new orthotics:

  • Start out wearing your orthotics for roughly 1-2 hours each day
  • Add an additional 1 hour each consecutive day as long as there is no discomfort
  • Make sure to do skin inspections in case of irritation or blistering
  • Give your orthotics about 4 weeks to get broken in before running or performing athletic activities
  • Contact us at any time if you feel your orthotics need an adjustment

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