Chris Patton

Chris is an aspiring Physical Therapist, with a strong heart towards baseball. Chris finished his baseball career as a catcher at Louisburg College, where he, himself, was a patient of Brandon and Lee. He then went on to earn a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Biology from North Carolina State University. Catching has given Chris experience as a leader, as well as, a different and beneficial perspective when evaluating and instructing pitchers.


Chris has been a part of the BYoung Family since 2017 and has built upon his passion for guiding pitchers to maximize their performance in a healthy manner. He has the ambition to help pitchers mature and become better athletes, which is demonstrated in the lab each and every day. During his time here at BYoung Physical Therapy, Chris has become very well rounded by evaluating pitchers up to the professional level with high speed cameras. He is experienced with our Qualisys 3-D Motion Capture System, as well as, the Rapsodo. During his time, he has helped multiple pitchers surpass the 90 MPH mark and continue to climb.