Sprinting Athlete 3D Gait Analysis & Speed Development Program

  • Our speed development program will focus on improving your biomechanics and harnessing more fast twitch muscle fibers to enable explosive acceleration and high speed running.
  • Whether you want to run faster, run with less injuries, or solve that chronic injury, we can help you! 
  • This is the most in-depth and descriptive measure of your running gait available. One of our specialists from The Running PTs will perform a comprehensive physical evaluation as well as a 3-dimensional running analysis.
  • Using our full body gait analysis we will create a personalized protocol focusing on improving your form and targeting your weaknesses.
  • Regardless of your background, sport, or skill set, we can help you reach your goals!

What can I expect?

3D Motion Analysis

  • We will apply 35 reflective markers placed on anatomically relevant body landmarks.
  • 12 infrared cameras will be used to capture your sprinting overground running biomechanics in 3 dimensions.
  • The 3D system will generate a detailed report of your running mechanics so we can isolate the variables that can be improved for speed.

Individualized Follow up Plan

  • We provide you with a comprehensive and personalized follow up plan based on your goals as an athlete. 
  • We will provide valuable run form correction and training to enhance performance, explosiveness, running economy, and decrease the risk of injury.
  • We are committed to your goals and we are focused on concrete, measurable results.

We can help you develop explosive speed!

We can improve times for:

  • 40 yard dash
  • 60 yard dash
  • 100 meter, 200 meter, 400 meter
  • All other track distances

Target athletes for speed development training:

  • Sprinters
  • Football players at any position
  • Baseball players
  • Soccer players
  • Lacrosse
  • Field Hockey
  • Rugby

Methods our Doctors of Physical Therapy use to develop speed:

  • Improved Running Biomechanics
  • Speed Training
  • Neuromuscular Fatigue
  • Physical Therapy interventions to address impairments
  • Postural awareness, balance training, and form drills
  • Vertimax Training
  • Keiser Strength Machine
  • Hill Running, Agility Work, Plyometrics
  • Strength Training
  • Mobility work and Manual Therapy

Our speed development programs are individualized, sport specific, and goal driven! We can help you!