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High quality physical therapy and performance training utilizing technology second to none. We can help you throw harder, run faster, be more explosive, eliminate your pain, and stay injury free. As healthcare professionals and experts in human motion, we are results and data driven.

We are the Triangle's leader in:
  • Baseball specific training
  • Running speed development
  • 3D Biomechanics for baseball pitchers and hitters, golfers, as well as sprinting/running athletes
  • Skilled one-on-one physical therapy
  • Offseason sport specific training
  • Cutting-edge technology


Highly qualified staff Brandon YoungDr. Lee Welch, Dr. Nate Thompson, Dr. Douglas MacCallum, Dr. Bryanna Veroneau, Dr. Christopher Ripberger, Dr. Erin KoenkeChris Patton, Joey Casadonte, Grant Millay, Bobby Wahl, and Matthew Dvorscak

Sports Performance, Training, and Biomechanics

BYoung Physical Therapy offers Sports Performance Evaluation and Training for baseball players and runners.

        We will formulate the most efficient exercise and training routine to help you achieve top sports performance while maintaining a safe environment. We have worked with youth through professional athletes and can accommodate your specific needs. We can help you get where you want to go.

BYoung Physical Therapy and the Qualisys System

Watch how the Qualisys System will improve your technique and speed.

Our Physical Therapy Service Offerings Include the Following:


Hear what they're saying about us

Brandon, thanks for all the work on my body this year! I would never have completed the Detroit Marathon today without YOU! I will continue to recommend you and your group.

~Geoff G.

Brandon Young helped me tremendously and I appreciate his professionalism and overall concern. Two weeks before the Tuna 200 Run I developed tendinitis in my leg. Brandon was able to work with me during those two weeks and got me ready for the race. He gave me stretching exercises to use during the race that prevented further injury and I was able to complete the race. Excited for Brandon and his new adventure and I would highly recommend his PT program. Thanks again Brandon for everything!

~David S.

Training for long distance triathlons can put a significant amount of wear and tear on your body. We become accustomed to dealing with the aches and pains that the long training blocks can bring; especially when we get deep in the season. This year I had a two issues (lower back and achilles pain) that became more than nags and started to impact my training and were threatening to derail my “A” race of the season. A friend recommended Brandon’s dry needling to me. I was open for anything because no amount of stretching, foam rolling, massage, etc. were helping. I felt immediate relief after the first treatment and my pains were 95% gone by the second treatment. With Brandon’s help, I was able to finish my last training block and more importantly, finish my race pain free. I’m a believer in Brandon and will incorporate his dry needling into my regular training program going forward so that I can be more proactive than reactive in treating and hopefully preventing injury. Thanks Brandon!

~Alan H.

@BYoungPT Thanks for keeping me healthy & functional. Survived 20 mile, bootcamp, & mile race. #supersportswknd #dryneedlingworks

~Lea C.

I’ve worked with Brandon for the past three years and have witnessed his unique approach to the communication and implementation of the importance of biomechanics in the athletes that he works with. He is knowledgeable on the many aspects of the body and mechanics of the body and how interdependent they are on each other.

~Caleb Balbuena, Former professional pitcher and owner of Balbuena LLC Consulting