Baseball and Pitching Biomechanics

Pitching Biomechanics

The expert staff at BYoung Performance are specialists in pitching biomechanics. Outside of serving the community as shoulder and elbow injury specialists, the staff has worked with pitchers of all levels, from youth to Major League Baseball pitchers, helping them achieve optimal performance through improved efficency and ultimately increasing their pitch velocity.  Our unique approach and foundation in Physical Therapy allows us to help each athlete safely achieve their goals.

BYoung Performance offers world-class biomechanical services, through its proprietary program, the "8 Cylinders of Pitching" for baseball pitchers across the globe.  Have your pitching evaluated to increase your performance and avoid painful, debilitating injuries. BYoung Performance is dedicated to using state-of-the-art technology to give patients successful outcomes.

Who is this for?

  • Pitchers who have plateaued with other means of pitching instruction and want to maximize their mechanics to create more velocity.
  • Pitchers with persistent upper extremity injury history looking to move better and eliminate any mechanical contribution
  • ALL pitchers looking to optimize performance and safety! 
What type of technology and training do we utilize? 
  • 3D Motion capture technology for pitching, hitting, sprinting, and golf. 

  • Force plate technology for ground reaction force during itching to improve performance

  • Rapsodo

  • Improved pitching biomechanics (2D and 3D analysis)

  • Speed and Explosiveness Training

  • Neuromuscular Fatigue Training

  • Vertimax Training

  • Keiser Strength Machine

  • Hill Running and Strength Training

  • Mobility work and Manual Therapy

3D Biomechanical Analysis 

Much like all other movement patterns, pitching is a complex mixture of motions occurring very quickly. Because the human eye is only capable of seeing a limited number of frames per second, we rely on high speed video and 3-D motion capture to provide the objective measures. Combination of high speed video, 3-D data, and a thorough orthopedic evaluation provides a clear picture of how efficient your pitching mechanics are. Once all the pieces of the analysis are put together, we will go over the results and provide you a roadmap for success.

Why do a 3D analysis?

Typical pitching evaluations occur in 2 dimensions with high speed cameras or slow-motion video. Our 3D analysis takes your pitching motion and turns it into numbers and sequences that our eyes cannot possibly see. 

The numbers: 

  • hip-shoulder separation, shoulder external rotation, shoulder horizontal abduction, and spine angle at release, among others, are variables included in the analysis.
  • You will get exact measurements of pelvic, trunk, and arm angular velocities, as well as, lower extremity ground reaction forces.
  • Kinematic sequence: 
    • Your legs initiate potential energy that will be translated through your hips, trunk, arm, and eventually to the ball. The exact timing of these events in the sequence can be quantified and visualized in the 3D report.

After the data is analyzed, pitching efficiency will be determined to observe leaks in energy production and transfer.  Once potential leaks are observed, an individualized plan will be implemented by our pitching biomechanics specialists.