B Young Physical Therapy - 5 locations in the Triangle

Apex, Holly Springs, Cary, Raleigh, Wake Forest, and Wendell, NC

B Young PT is physical therapy as it is intended to be. You will see the same specialized physical therapist for one-on-one treatment each visit. Together we will work to achieve your goals. We are experts in treating both the upper and lower extremity, and provide specialized treatment for the baseball, CrossFit, and running athlete.

We are the Triangle's leader in:

Shoulder and Elbow Rehabilitation

Baseball Rehabilitation

3D Biomechanics for baseball pitchers, hitters, runners, and golfers

Cutting-edge technology


Highly qualified staff Brandon YoungDr. Lee Welch, Dr. Nate Thompson, Dr. Douglas MacCallum, Dr. Bryanna Veroneau, Dr. Christopher Ripberger, Dr. Erin KoenkeChris Patton, Joey Casadonte, Grant Millay, Bobby Wahl, and Matthew Dvorscak

B Young Physical Therapy and the Qualisys System

Watch how the Qualisys System will improve your technique and speed.

Our Physical Therapy Service Offerings Include the Following:


Hear what they're saying about us

I’m excited to see B Young Physical Therapy opening their doors to the public. I have had the pleasure of knowing Brandon for more than 16 years now. His personal integrity and total dedication to his craft will serve him and his clients well. Whether you have experienced a recent injury, have a nagging pain or need best in class pitching bio-mechanics analysis, this is the place for you to go. I have no doubt that Brandon and especially his clients will prosper in this entrepreneurial endeavor.

~Marcus H.

Best PT experience I've ever had, and I've had many. One on one with your therapist, every vist. They don't waste your time doing the things you can be doing at home on your own. They are funny, professional, and truly committed to your care.

~Meg C.

We cannot say enough good things about Brandon. Brandon is working with our son, Will, helping to rehab his elbow after surgery. Brandon’s vast knowledge and expertise has already benefited our son. He has already shown improvement and we look forward to working with Brandon in the future…..not only through rehab, but we have already decided to take full benefit of his bio-mechanics analysis. Brandon is awesome to work with!

~Davis Family

I developed hip pain during pregnancy that persisted after birth and has prevented me from sleeping on my right side now for a total of 6 months. Lee Welch did a 10 minute dry needling session and my pain is gone. GONE. The sensation of needling was so minimal in discomfort and so highly effective. I can't believe he kicked my pain to the curb with one session. He also gave me physical therapy exercises I could do at home to manage things myself. He is professional, knowledgeable, highly skilled, efficient, and friendly. Highly recommend. Thanks Lee!

~Beth F.

Outstanding physical therapy and other services to keep you healthy and moving in whatever sport or activity you do. Brandon, Lee, and Erin are the best. Very accommodating hours, some nights and early mornings. Excellent and very clean facility in an easy location. Certified in dry needling and highly effective in using this. Brandon recently added a truly incredible 3D running gait analysis system (with a highly trained physical therapist who specializes in this, Lee) so runners can finally get to the root of their problems by seeing computer generated images at every ankle and with extreme detail. I have been a runner for 30+ years and have always run high mileage. In spite of very few injuries, I plan to have the 3D analysis to help me run faster and to minimize injuries going forward.

~Mary S.