What We Offer

  • Indoor training facility 
  • Ball-tracking technology 
  • 3-D and 2-D video analysis 
  • Treatment and training areas for golf-specific stability, strengthening and mobility exercises 


Returning to Golf After Injury 

Whether you are recovering from surgery or have discomfort during your golf swing, Dr. Douglas MacCallum is trained to help you return to golf without pain

  • Return-to-Golf hitting program to safely progress your endurance 
  • Individualized golf-specific mobility, stability and strength exercises
  • Warm-up and recovery sessions to get your body feeling good before or after you play


3-D Video Analysis and It's Purpose

The golf-swing is a unique movement pattern that requires perfect sequencing between your hips, torso, arms and golf club.  If proper sequencing is performed, the golf-swing is determined efficient, and distance, control and consisntency is maximized. 

  • Our 3-D motion capture system has the technology to analyze the efficiency of your golf swing 
  • After determining the inefficiencies, we will give you a program to help improve your sequencing and efficiency 


2-D Video Analysis and It's Purpose 

Your golf-swig will be analyzed via slow-motion video to determine your swing characteristics  

  • Individualized strengthing, balance and mobility exercises to address your swing characteristics that lead to inconsistent strikes 
  • We will use slow-motion video to track progress of your golf-swing


12 Swing Characteristics

There are 12 swing-characteristics that we can observe in a golf-swing which may affect your efficiency.  Every golfer has 1-3 of these characteristics that may be caused by physical limitations.  We are trained to look at your characteristics and either; improve your physical limitation to change your golf swing or fit your golf swing to your physical ability.

  • Decreased shoulder mobility, decreased hip mobility and glute weakness can lead to specific characteristics in your golf swing
  • Swing characteristics are not bad, but when you try a movement that your body is unable to do, this can lead to over-compensations and inconsistent ball-striking
  • We can help you!


Ball-Flight Technology 

We will use Rapsodo Technology everytime you hit with us in adjunct with 3-D or 2-D analysis.  We can track a full range-session to gauge consistency to help track your progress. 

  • Distance
  • Ball speed 
  • Launch angle 


Certifications and Training