Baseball and Pitching Biomechanics

3D Biomechanical Analysis for Baseball Pitchers

Brandon Young has specialized in pitching biomechanics for over 10 years. A shoulder and elbow injury specialist, Brandon has worked with pitchers of all levels, from youth to professional baseball pitchers, to help them return to competition after major injuries.

Much like all other movement patterns – pitching is a complex mixture of motions occurring very quickly. Because the human eye is only capable of seeing a limited number of frames per second, we rely on high speed video and 3-D motion capture to provide the objective measures. Combination of high speed video, 3-D data, and a thorough orthopaedic evaluation provides the big picture of how efficient your pitching biomechanics are. Once all the pieces of the analysis are put together – we will go over the results and provide you a roadmap for success.

Have your pitching evaluated to increase your performance and avoid painful, debilitating injuries. Brandon is dedicated to using state-of-the-art technology to give patients successful outcomes.

BYoung Physical Therapy offers world-class biomechanical services, through his proprietary program – NC Biomechanics, for baseball pitchers across the globe.

Already this summer, great results have been obtained and we have already averaged a 3.7 mph increase among our D-1 Baseball Pitchers in two pitching sessions, many going from sitting in the high 80s to the low 90s. Our largest increase just this summer was 7.6 mph in 2 sessions. More important than velocity increases, we have been able to maintain good health with our clients as they progress through their careers.